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Commissioner's Message

As Commissioner of Police I wanted to inform you about Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring. This very successful program has been part of the Nassau County Police Department since 1967. Law Enforcement Exploring provides over 350 young men and woman between the ages of fourteen and twenty with training that educates our youth on the purpose, mission and objectives of the Nassau County Police Department. Exploring also provides an opportunity for service, practical experiences, competition and recreation. Additionally, it helps prepare Explorers to become better citizens and community members through character development, physical fitness and good citizenship.

One little known fact is almost all of the funding for Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring is raised privately. Standing quietly behind the Explorers is the Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring Board. This extraordinary group of generous, dedicated and caring individuals provides almost all of the monies needed for the program. The board has provided vehicles, uniforms and travel expenses that have made the Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring program the best in the nation. This reputation has been solidified by the countless trophies and medals won at local, regional and national competitions. Our Explorer Drill Team has been National Champions since 2010; the drill competition is one of the most sought after competitions.

The Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring Board’s main function is to find ways to raise monies to allow the program to continue to provide the youth of Nassau County with a first-rate program which offers mentoring and training opportunities. The major fundraising event for the program has been the annual Law Enforcement Exploring “Person of the Year” Dinner which honors one or more individuals for their commitment to youth and their community.

The Nassau County Police Department is fully committed to the continued success of the Exploring program. Please help keep our young people on the right path; they are the future of Law Enforcement in Nassau County and of community-minded citizens.


Patrick J. Ryder
Commissioner of Police


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