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The Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring Program is Based on Five Areas of Emphasis:

An important goal of law enforcement exploring is to help young adults be responsible and caring people, both now and in the future using “character education activities” which helps young adults develop the ability to make responsible choices. It aids teens in becoming more independent, developing social relationships, re-evaluating values while also undergoing positive physical and psychological changes.

Because Exploring is voluntary, youth are receptive to new ideas, experiences and relationships. For the Explorer, these relationships provide a connection to new ways of thinking and acting as well as a new identity as a responsible young adult.

Explorers tell us that what they learned helped them to step up and take charge in critical situations and have developed greater self-esteem. The hands-on experience in community policing and problem solving, as well as the professional training received, prepares them for successful careers in the area of Law Enforcement.

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